The limits of the today’s substances present challenges for making better materials tomorrow. Developing new molecules with properties that are currently unheard of is the next great opportunity for scientists and inventors.

Circular Industries understands that there are unmet market needs across the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronics, polymer, agriculture and aerospace industry and more. Our scientists work towards satisfying those needs. At Circular Industries we work towards a better future.

Applied Research & Development

At Circular Industries we don’t stop at the research stage, but develop practical and scalable solutions for real life challenges.

Thinking out of the Box

Circular Industries doesn’t settle for the status quo; we push the boundaries of modern science and constantly look for the non-conventional.

Focus on Scalability

Innovative and novel solutions are one thing, bringing them up to scale is a completely different story. Circular Industries has extensive know-how in industrial scale plant building and strives for solutions that don’t just work inside the lab, but are truly life-transformative.

Modern Biotech Tools

Circular Industries’ bio-tech hubs apply previously unseen designs to maximize yields and efficiency, while minimizing externalities.

Analytical Excellence

Circular Industries embraces data-analytics with modern technologies ranging from the cloud and AI to the internet-of-things.

Motivated Team of Scientists

Circular Industries’ scientists are experts in their fields and equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset to address modern day challenges with practical solutions.

vision towards a circular economy

In the past, humans focused on conquering nature to harvest its resources for their own consumption purposes.

At Circular Industry we work alongside side nature, not against it. Our vision is to reuse what is already available instead of generating more of the same. Accordingly, we biofacture our high-margin products from abundantly available and comparatively cheap waste materials.

research & development center

Circular Industries entrusts its forward looking R&D program to highly qualified chemical and life science team members with expertise in latest methods. Their integrity is key to fast results and accuracy of conducting work in new frontiers.

deploy millions of years of evolution

Circular Industries appreciates the complexity of biology. Over millions of years of evolution simple cells have mastered the art of biochemical synthesis. In comparison, modern chemical synthesis is at its infancy.

The circular economy concept delivers processes and technologies in harmony with nature. Our scientists tap into the brilliant code of ancient cellular biology and make use of the amazing world of bio-synthesis.

learning from nature

We draw inspiration from nature. The perfection of nature let us harness new and innovative technologies, designs, manufacturing and engineering approaches. Nature inspires beyond.

sustainable aviation fuel

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a CO2-neutral alternative to petroleum-based aviation fuel and will play an important role to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Circular Industries is developing a novel, circular and efficient process to generate SAF out of biomass waste material. This will support the aviation industry in their important endeavor of achieving carbon neutrality.

Circular Industries’ dedication concerning SAF is also driven by new regulations in certain countries that require the aviation industry to rely on SAF to some extent. Given that SAF is not yet available in the needed quantities Circular Industries took on this challenge to provide a smart and suitable solution.

renewable bi-functional acids

Bi-functional acids are important building blocks in plastics, lubricants, electronics, textiles, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Circular industries is aiming to produce these important molecules by applying renewable feedstocks. The vision of being carbon neutral in these building blocks is key to our R&D program. Innovative reaction systems in combination with bio-technology will set new standards in the global industry.

The industrial relevant spectrum of bi-functional acids encompasses a region of C4 to C20 in terms of molecular weight, but new and untapped molecular structures will lead to new material science and applications.

Our team’s work in C9 (Azelaic Acid) applications is very specific and advanced. The growth in global demand supports our strategic interest in this unique molecule.

The worldwide market for Azelaic Acid is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 7.7% over the next five years, will reach 210 million USD in 2024, from 130 million USD in 2019, according to a new research study.

bio-derived and renewable sanitizers

Bio-derived sanitizers play a key role in keeping the environment around us safe, in a sustainable and carbon neutral way.

Our scientists work on evidence-based, intrinsic advantages of fast-acting and broad-spectrum anti-microbicidal activity. Our hand and surface santizer formulations are safe and kill 99.9% of most common germs that can make you sick. Our scientists ensure the germ-killing power of their formulated products so you can promote well-being throughout your facility – and your home.

renewable hindered light stabilisers

At Circular Industries we believe in changing supply from petroleum based materials to renewable and sustainable molecules.

Hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) are chemical compounds containing an amine functional group that are used as stabilizers in plastics and polymers. These compounds are primarily used to protect the polymers from the effects of photo-oxidation. They are also increasingly being used as thermal stabilizers, particularly for low and moderate level of heat.

The global market for HALS is projected to reach US$1.2 billion by 2025. Ranging from plastics, nylon, polyethylene, polyester, polyvinyl chloride, polytetrafluoroethylene to epoxy, synthetic polymers are omnipresent and quite literally are indispensable in modern life. Characteristics of polymers that make them important materials of the 21st century include resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

The circular economy concept is in the mind of our scientists, who aim to develop technologies that are in harmony with nature. Our scientists tap into the brilliant code of ancient cellular biology and modern sustainable chemistry. Hindered light stabilisers is a product group which may be integrated into the world of bio-synthesis.


Circular Industries is taking action against global warming. Our scientists believe in effective and lasting innovation. The minds of an interdisciplinary team delivered solutions which will disrupt and serve as a game changer in the field of natural waste stream utilisation. Our technology is effective in addressing environmental challenges and delivering commercially viable options in line with modern and futuristic trends.


Innovation and the use of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and mobility are changing processes and business models across all industry verticals and the chemicals and bio-tech industries are no exceptions. Circular Industries applies innovation in the bio-technology complexes from the early stage of raw material sourcing to to the final stage of end-product distribution.


Significant time and resources went into the development of biotechnology inventions. Circular Industries is taking the next step in the commercialisation of smart solutions. Starting with the collection of waste products from the food industry to the impact of a major CO2 footprint reduction, the team is dedicated to apply smart solutions to its innovative business.

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