embracing disrutptive Innovation

Inspired by nature

Our Mission

Inspired by nature, we engage in redefining the manufacturing of value added bio chemicals. Disruptive technologies replacing petroleum based feedstocks with cheap and abundantly available waste of natural origin.

Our Vision

Circular Industries partners with nature. Contributing technologies and innovation towards a circular economy inspired by nature.

We are a science oriented
bio-tech organization
engaging in future oriented
technology platforms

Parnter With Nature

At Circular Industries we partner with nature and deploy millions of years of evolution to deliver state-of-the-art bio based products. We rely on modern concepts and work towards replacing fossil based derivatives.

Circular Economy

With millions of tons in waste generated each year, we are committed to upcycle what’s already available instead of adding more to it.

Clean Tech

Circular Industries doesn’t take current production models as a given. Instead, a team of scientists and innovators constantly rethinks the status quo and has developed novel processes to significantly lower the energy consumption compared to traditional biotech plants.

Decentralized Biofacturing

Supply chains should be fast, reliable and affordable. That’s why we target multiple bio-tech hubs around the globe to serve our customers as a local partner.

Towards Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen is in many aspects a number 1 – it is the first element in the periodic table, it is the lightest element and it is the most abundant element in the universe. We believe it could also become a number one in our economy and we are proud to produce this element as a natural by-product of our production process.

Cloud-based AI Sourcing

Circular Industries revolutionizes recycling through the deployment of modern technologies ranging from Artificial Intelligence, to the Cloud and the Internet of Things.

Our Management Team

The board is responsible for Circular Industries’ strategy, environmental goals, portfolio policy, the deployment of human and capital resources, the company’s risk management system and the company’s financial performance. The functioning of, and decision-making by, the board is governed by regulations fully in line with the Swiss and Singapore Corporate Governance Code.

Ralf Lange

Founder & Board Member

Ralf studied Chemistry and Process Engineering in Switzerland. He has 30 years of practical experience in the fields of applied chemistry, research & development as well as plant construction. Ralf was leading technological developments which resulted in numerous inventions. With more than 100 industrial plants designed and constructed, he delivers guidance to the operational team.

Conrad Stampfli

Board Member

Conrad, lawyer by training, looks back to a successful career in commercial law and entrepreneurial activities. Born in Switzerland, he will guide the operational team in Switzerland with his solid local knowledge and international experience.